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  Big data in the food chain: the un(der)explored goldmine? Printable version   |   Last update on 11.04.2019

14th symposium of the Scientific Committee established at the Belgian Food Safety Agency: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Objective (PDF)
Poster (PDF)
Programme (PDF)

Session 1. Big data sciences

Chair: Lieve Herman (ILVO, Vice-chairman SciCom), Jeroen Dewulf (UGent, SciCom member)

 Presentation 1:

Mining Spaghetti and Lasagna Processes: Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Process Science - Wil van der Aalst (Aachen University)


 Presentation 2:

Blockchain: concept, critical success factors and possibilities in the food chain - Frank Robben (Smals Research)

 Presentation 3:

When data science meets food safety - Guy Poppy (Food Standard Agency & University of Southampton)



Session 2. Big data applications to the food chain safety

Chair: Peter Rakers (ILVO), Thierry van den Berg (Sciensano, SciCom member)

 Presentation 4:

The potential of blockchain technologies in food safety - Christopher Brewster (TNO)


 Presentation 5:

Data value chain in the dairy production: opportunities and challenges - Stephanie Van Weyenberg (ILVO)

 Presentation 6:

Forecasting and managing tool in microbiological safety using network analysis - Pablo Fernandez (Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena)

 Presentation 7:

Smart imaging from space for crops management - Pierre Defourny (UCLouvain)

 Presentation 8:

Smart imaging for vector-borne diseases management - Els Ducheyne (AVIA-GIS)

 Presentation 9:

OMICs in food safety: contribution to chemical risk assessment - Matthew Wright (University of Newcastle)



Session 3. Perspectives

Chair: Annemie Geeraerd (KU Leuven, SciCom member), Xavier Van Huffel (FASFC)

 Presentation 10:

Gotcha! Network analytics for Fraud Detection - Véronique Van Vlasselaer (SAS)


 Presentation 11:

Unlocking the power of citizen science - Filip Meysman (UAntwerpen)


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