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  Improving the safety of the food chain through risk prevention in plant and animal production Printable version   |   Last update on 29.11.2017



Presentation 1a: Scope of the symposium. Why this subject? How to relate risk prevention with risk assessment and safety of the food chain? (Anne LEGREVE & Jeroen DEWULF)

Session 1: Setting the scene: food safety risks related to primary production

Presentation 2: Changes in plant production and associated phytosanitary and food safety risks: a retrospective look and challenges for the future (Martin WARD)
Presentation 3: Changes in animal production and associated animal health and food safety risks: a retrospective look and challenges for the future (Preben WILLEBERG)
Presentation 4a: Trends in resistance against phytopharmaceuticals in plant production. What are the consequences for food safety? (Gert KEMA)
Presentation 4b: Comparison with animal production (Jeroen DEWULF)
Presentation 5: Invasive species influencing animal health and food safety (Marius GILBERT)

Session 2: Vigilance for emerging risks and risk prevention : keystones for success

Presentation 6: Vigilance for emerging risks in animal health (Gwenaelle DAUPHIN)
Presentation 7: Prevention of introduction and spread of emerging plant pests and diseases (Michael J JEGER)
Presentation 8: Stakeholders attitudes/perceptions towards risk prevention (Coralie LUPO)

Round table discussion about risk prevention in the food chain with stakeholders (Frank VAN OSS)
Summary and conclusions (Etienne THIRY)
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