Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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Sessie 1: Risk ranking in the food chain: state of the art

Presentation 1: Needs and expectations of risk ranking in the food Chain: results of a survey amongst risk managers and stakeholders (N. Speybroeck)
Presentation 2: Risk ranking: critical inventory of existing methodologies (M. Sanaa)
Presentation 3: Risk ranking of zoonotic diseases: a multi-factor framework (V. Davidson)
Presentation 4: What can socio-economic analysis add to risk ranking? (J. Rushton; for further information:
Presentation 5: An approach for ranking emerging risks (T. Robinson)

Sessie 2: Practical examples of risk ranking in the food chain

Presentation 6: Risk ranking of invasive plant pathogens and pests (J. Heikkilä)
Presentation 7: Ranking of food producing animal diseases and zoonoses (C. Saegerman)
Presentation 8: Ranking of microbiological risks (K. Koutsoumanis)
Presentation 9: Ranking of chemical risks in food (M. Mengelers)
Presentation 10: Risk ranking by the Scientific Committee of the FASFC and implementation into policy (X. Van Huffel)

Résumé et conclusions (C. Van Peteghem & C. Saegerman)
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