Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

  Applications of microbiological risk assessment in the food chain Printable version   |   Last update on 29.11.2017



Session 1: Microbiological risk assessment: possibilities and limitations

Presentation 1: Risk assessment as the scientific basis for policy decisions: possibilities and limitations (O. Cerf)
Presentation 2: Limitations of risk assessment (D. Berkvens)
Presentation 3: A quantitative risk assessment as a basis for performance objectives in the food chain: control options on Campylobacter from broiler meat (A. Havelaar)
Presentation 4: Evaluation of microbiological risks in the food industry (F. Delmas-Julien)

Session 2: Applications of microbiological risk assessment

Presentation 5: Simplified web-based risk assessment for use of water in the primary plant production (J. Monaghan)
Presentation 6: Risk of cephalosporin resistance transfer by consumption of broiler meat (J. Dewulf)
Presentation 7: Risk of listeriosis from consumption of smoked salmon (L. Herman)
Presentation 8: Emerging microbial risks in the food chain (M. Uyttendaele)

Summary and conclusions (X. Van Huffel)
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