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Theme 1: Definitions of nanotechnology - Terminology & classification

Presentation 1: Introduction to Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials (J. Bridges)

Theme 2: Applications of nanotechnology in the food chain (part 1)

Presentation 2: Food Applications of Nanotechnologies: An Overview of Potential Benefits and Risks (Q. Chaudhry)
Presentation 3: Nanotechnology in food diagnostics (J. Lammertyn)

Theme 2: Applications of nanotechnology in the food chain (part 2)

Presentation 5: Nanotechnology – A Challenge for the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry (M. Knowles)

Theme 3: Toxicological aspects of nanotechnology in the food chain

Presentation 6: Toxicodynamic aspects of nanoparticles in food: interactions with the intestinal barrier (Y.-J. Schneider)
Presentation 7: In vitro nanotoxicology: an interdisciplinary approach (H. Bouwmeester)

Theme 4: Risk assessment - EFSA’s point of view

Presentation 8: The potential risks arising from Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies on Food and Feed Safety (C. L. Galli)

Theme 5: Communication, perception & participation of the consumer

Presentation 9: Nanotechnology in the Food Chain (G. Gaskell)

Theme 6: Regulatory aspects

Presentation 10: Regulatory Aspects applicable to Nanomaterials in Food (E. Poudelet)

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