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  Emerging Animal Diseases: From Science to Policy Printable version   |   Last update on 19.11.2015


Theme 1: Risk assessment of emerging animal diseases

Presentation 1: Current position of the OIE on the approach of emerging diseases (C. PLANTE)
Presentation 2: Understanding the factors of Animal Disease (L. J. KING)
Presentation 3: EFSA activities on emerging risks : bluetongue as a case study (H. DELUYKER)
Presentation 4: Climatic changes and emerging animal diseases (J-P. VAN YPERSELE)

Theme 2: Risk management of emerging animal diseases

Presentation 5: The EU policy on emerging animal diseases (B. VAN GOETHEM)
Presentation 6: Early diagnosis of animal diseases: a key-element for rapid and efficient management (P. KERKHOFS)

Theme 3: Examples of a ‘risk-based’ approach on possibly (re-)emerging animal diseases.

Presentation 7: Preventing Classical Swine Fever re-emergence: a continuous challenge (F. KOENEN)
Presentation 8: Surveillance of West Nile virus infection in Europe: assessment and improvement axes (S. LECOLLINET)
Presentation 9: Virus diseases exotic to the EU with emphasis on Rift Valley fever (F. Glyn DAVIES)
Presentation 10: Risk assessment of the re-emergence of bovine brucellosis/tuberculosis (C. SAEGERMAN)

Discussion & Conclusions (P. MORTIER & X. VAN HUFFEL)
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