Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

  Scientific exploitation of databases within the framework of food safety risk assessment Printable version   |   Last update on 31.01.2019



Theme 1: Databases: characteristics and exploitability

Presentation 1: European food safety databases: keystone role of the EFSA (H. Deluyker)
Presentation 2: Exploitation of data for risk assessment (N. Hens)

Theme 2: Availability of databases for risk assessment

Presentation 3: Scientific exploitation of FASFC databases for risk assessment in a food safety context (J.-M. Robijns)
Presentation 4: Food consumption databases (L. Temme)
Presentation 5: Databases used by the professional sectors (J. Hallaert en B. Kettlitz)

Theme 3: Use of databases available in Belgium - Case studies

Presentation 6: Listeria monocytogenes on smoked salmon: a case study to evaluate the suitability of available Belgian data for exposure assessment (S. Van Boxstael)
Presentation 7: Exposure assessment of the Belgian population to pesticide residues in 2005 (W. Claeys en O. Wilmart)
Presentation 8: Microbiological surveillance of carcasses and meat in Belgium: scientific exploitation of databases (Y. Ghafir)
Presentation 9: Estimation of the dietary exposure to Cadmium (V. Vromman)

Conclusions (X. Van Huffel)
Our mission is to provide independent scientific advice on the safety of the food chain.