Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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The Scientific Committee is a consultative body of the FASFC. It has a central position in the assessment of the risks in the food chain.

The Scientific Committee consists of 22 members nominated by royal decree. If necessary, it can appeal to a network of experts when specific topics are addressed.

The main task of the Scientific Committee is to provide independent scientific opinions in relation to risk assessment and risk management in the matters related to the competencies of the FASFC for instance on:
  • (emerging) risks in the food chain (food, feed, animal and plant health);
  • all draft laws and royal decrees in relation to risk assessment and risk management of the food chain, animal health and plant protection;
  • the analysis and inspection program;
  • self-checking sectorial guides.

The Scientific Committee issues opinions on request of the Chief Executive Officer of the FASFC, the Minister or on its own initiative. There are different procedures to request for opinion. 
Guidelines for the opinions of the Scientific Committee are available.
Our mission is to provide independent scientific advice on the safety of the food chain.