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Approved laboratories: Office circular

Date Objet Documents
29/07/2015 List of approved microbiological methods – version 19

Office circular (PDF)

List methods (PDF)

16/07/2015 The measurement uncertainty for microbiological analyses Office circular (PDF)

Performance of BTV analyses (bluetongue virus) in case of absence of reagents controlled in accordance with the MD of 03/04/2014

Office circular (PDF)



Salmonella strains isolated from carcasses of pigs and calves in the framework of self-checking.

Office circular (PDF)



Accreditation challenge test Listeria monocytogenes

Office circular (PDF)

Annex 1 (PDF)

  Annex 2 (PDF)

Annex 3 (PDF)


Approval of Laboratories within the context of BVD-analyses (bovine viral diarrhea)

Office circular (PDF)

Annex (PDF)


Service hours FASFC-laboratories

Office circular (PDF)


Collaboration FAPAS – BU PT Schemes

Office circular (PDF)

Annex (PDF)

23/07/2014 Director general Laboratories Office circular (PDF)

National Salmonella Control Plans in Poultry – Summary  V5

Office circular (PDF)

Annex1 (PDF)

Annex2 (PDF)

Template (XLS)


Publication of methods of the FASFC laboratories, the NRLs and the EU-RL

Office circular (PDF)

Annex (PDF)


Detection of Cronobacter sakazakii in dried milk

Office circular (PDF)

13/06/2013 PT Schemes module

Office circular (PDF)


Notification requirement

Office circular (PDF)


Bacteriological testing of meat and testing for the detection of residues of substances with a bacteriostatic effect performed in relation to the Royal decree of 22 December 2005

Office circular(PDF)



Guidelines on sampling the food processing area and equipment for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes

Office circular (PDF)
Annex (PDF)


Approval of Laboratories – Publication of the new Royal decree of 3/08/2012

Office circular (PDF)

Annex (PDF)

RD 23/08/2012 (PDF)

02/02/2010 Retention period of samples in laboratories

Office circular (PDF)

Annex 1 (PDF)


Amendment of Procedure LAB P 507

Microbiology – Estimating measurement uncertainty and change of the date of coming into force

Office circular (PDF)
Procedure (PDF)
16/12/2008 National Reference Laboratory in food microbiology. Office circular (PDF)

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