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Export of plants and plants products

General information

Issuance of phytosanitary certificates for export
- Phytosanitary Certificat Model (28/06/2016)
- Phytosanitary Certificat for re-export Model (28/06/2016)

- Annex of the certificates

Specific information per country
  Russian Federation

- Import ban :

As from the 1st July 2013, RU imposes a temporary import ban on ware potatoes, seed potatoes and plant for planting originating from the EU. Annexed to the circular related to the export of cut flowers and potted plants to the Russian Federation, the CN codes of the concerned products are presented.

  • Cut Flowers and Potted Plants:
    • Circular (FR) concerning the export of cut flowers and potted plants to the Russian Federation and the requirement of a intra-EU phytosanitary communication document for potted plants (PCCB/S4/1095724).
  • Seed potatoes:
Specific by product category (a category includes products that can be considered in the same way regarding the phytosanitary regulations).
Product category Definition Information
Fruits and vegetables
(Including ware potatoes)
Product category for fresh parts of plants intended for consumption or processing and not for planting

Circular (FR/NL) concerning the notification and certification of fresh fruits and vegetables imported or exported (PCCB/S1/LSW/597024)

Wood Product category for round-wood, sawn-wood, wood chips or wood accessories, with or without bark

Wood packaging material (WPM)
To the attention of all Belgian exporters (including those who are not part of the "food chain") using wood packaging material.
Europe and most of third countries have made international recommendations included in the ISPM 15 legal. Therefore, all companies that export their products with WPM (ex: pallets) must use treated wood.

  • Notice of WPM (FR/NL) - (12/06/2017)
  • List of Belgian enterprises with an official ISPM 15 authorization (EN) (avril 2016)
  • Communication (FR/NL)
  • Specifications for the implementation of the ISPM 15 relating to wood packaging material intended for use in the international trade (French/Dutch) (FR/NL)
    • Annex 1 : explanatory Document for ISPM 15:2009
    • Annex 2 : explanatory Document for ISPM 15:2009 - FR/NL
    • Annex 3 : checklist for the self-checking system and non-compliances: examples (FR/NL)

Treatments allowed to export wood logs

Processed plant products Products that have undergone a process of transformation

Informative notice (FR/NL) (Juny 2014)

Our mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect humans, animals and plants.

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