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About the FASFC

    The FASFC was founded in 2000 and has become an effective organization that, as shown in various polls, enjoys the confidence of Belgian consumers and is highly appreciated by the operators. : (only available in Dutch,  French and German).

The FASFC is an executive body and has jurisdiction over the entire territory. In accordance with its legal obligations the FASFC is responsible for laying down, implementing and enforcing measures related to food safety, animal health and plant protection.

  Business plan :
    - Business plan 2015-2017
    - Business plan 2012-2014
    - Business plan 2009-2011
  Annual Report
  Multi Annual National Control Plan (MANCP)
  Workshop Heads of Agencies - Measuring Outcome (3-4/04/2014)
  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Quality Management and Internal Control at the FASFC

Organisational chart

Organisational chart of the FASFC


Better safe than sorry

This video presents the Federal Agency, its tasks and checks it out,... to ensure the safety of the food

Financing of the FASFC
Our mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect humans, animals and plants.

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